Randy Sorenson, MS, EAMP, L.Ac.

Randy Sorenson moved to Sequim in 2013, though his family has been in
the area for generations.   Randy earned his Master of Science degree
in Oriental Medicine, specializing in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal
Medicine and TuiNa (Asian Bodywork & Acupressure).  He has advanced
training in Master Tung and Tann styles of Acupuncture.   Specializing
in pain relief, orthopedics and sports medicine, neurology, and age
related conditions. When not in the office, Randy is an explorer,
hiker, gardener, fisherman, and engages in regular exercise and
fitness activities.

I believe in the strength and resilience of the human body, mind, and
spirit.   I recognize and support  your unique situation desires, and
situation.   The human body was made to move. As an “East Asian
Medicine Practitioners” (EAMP), I will work to strengthen weakness,
and optimize your body’s ability to move and heal its self.   With
high hopes and reasonable expectations, we will explore some options

~Healing hands providing compassionate service~