Roxanne Brickey, Office Assistant

I was born in Forks, Washington and raised in Clallam Bay.
I graduated high school there in 1969 and started my first
job in Port Angeles, in 1971, as a Dental Assistant.

I ultimately moved to Banks, Oregon and worked for
Wilcox Chiropractic, in Hillsboro, for 23 years as an Office
Manager/Chiropractic Assistant. During that time I got
my Oregon CA license and attended numerous seminars,
including three Parker Chiropractic seminars. I firmly
believe in Chiropractic and have seen miraculous things
happen. It is so rewarding to witness people being relieved
of pain.

For seven of those 23 years, I also worked as a caregiver in
Hillsboro and Beaverton…..working nights and weekends.

I moved back to my “roots” in 2008 and now live in
Sequim. I took a very relaxing year off then started
working at this office 15 months ago. I brought with
me years of experience….”knowing what needs to be
done”. I have adapted to a big office and love the multiple
personalities. I am in charge of the insurance billing,
massage payroll and am basically “A Girl Friday”.

I have two wonderful children. My son lives in Dallas,
Texas and my daughter and her family live in Banks,

My passions are playing with my three beautiful
granddaughters, family, making a once a month trip to
Oregon, dancing, taking photos and watching flowers grow.