Lani Madison, Front Office Manager

I graduated from Oak Harbor High School in 1986. I have lived somewhere in
Washington State since the 3rd grade since my dad was in the military we have been all
over. I was born in the Philippines and I have 2 brothers that are younger than me with
families of their own.

I’ve worked several jobs since graduating from High School, but most of my work
history has been with government. First working for Island County in the Planning
and Community Development office for over 8 years and then moving to Sequim and
working for the City of Sequim Planning and Public works office for 8 years as well.
After getting tired of that “type” of work, I wanted to do something completely different.

That is when I met Jay and Rosalind Sorensen. They needed someone to work for them
and asked me if I was interested. Since I knew nothing about the medical field I was
hesitant, but I really wanted a change.

I’ve worked for Sorensen Chiropractic since October 2004, seems like forever, but it was
one of the best decisions I have made. Our community is small, and since I worked with
the City I know pretty much everyone! If not personally, at least by name. Many of the
people I use to help and work with at the City are our patients in the clinic!

When I have time, one of my hobbies is scrapbooking. I also love cooking, reading, and
camping. My 2 year old grandson Lincoln lives with us and needless to say takes up a lot
of my free time, which isn’t a bad thing! Although, I must be getting older because it is

I have been married to Sequim PD Detective Sergeant Sean Madison for 10 years! We
have an awesome life living next door to his parents and spending our weekends doing
fun things like, camping, fishing, BBQ’ing and sometimes just sitting at home and
watching movies! We have 3 dogs, a cat and some fish. My kids Ashley, 23 and Ryan,
21 live in Washington. Sean has a daughter and 2 more grandkids who live in Arkansas.